I began my professional career as an art director/designer with one foot in illustration. In 1994 I won the Dr. Seuss Picture Book Award, which introduced a new facet to my career: writing and book illustration. I was awarded a book contract and $25,000 for my picture book submission, Fast Friends.


Since then I've written and illustrated books for kids and adults, many produced for national parks in the United States.


My goal is to continue finding interesting stuff to create. I've always loved the combination of words and pictures, so sequential art storytelling feels right to me, whether in picture book format, comics, or in longer format book illustration.


Look for me way over yonder in the minor key.


Client list includes Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, Canyonlands Natural History Association, Detroit Free Press, Great Smoky Mountains Association, HGTV, MacMillan, Marshall Cavendish Books for Young Readers, Mount Rushmore Natural Historical Society, Random House, State of Tennessee Department of Education, Velo Press.

Top: In the middle of a book project, I claw my face in frustration over my mess of a studio.


Bottom: At the start of my book illustration career about ten thousand years ago, when I was interviewed by Connie Chung on CBS This Morning about winning a prestigious award—no leg lamp prize included.