Torry in the Land of Arches


Honorable Mention, National Park Service Excellence in Interpretive Media Award


When a young wolf mouse named Torry visits his grandparents at Wolfe Ranch in the land of arches, he sees all sorts of unusual sights.


But the most unusual, and dangerous, experience during Torry's visit involves a tradition passed down from generation to generation in the wolf mouse family. Now Torry must learn these traditions to survive. Learn more



Who is this mysterious critter who has landed in a nest of red squirrels, and what does she want? They've never seen anything quite like her. Is she a skunk? Some sort of bird?


Whatever she is, it's a good thing this misfit stays awake all night, as the red squirrels soon discover. Learn more

Squawking Matilda


Illustration West 48 Bronze Medal, Children's Market category


Taking care of a chicken is not what it's cracked up to be.… How do you solve a problem like Matilda? Learn more

The Great Smoky Mountain Salamander Ball


Winner, National Park Service Award of Excellence


First published in 1997, this beloved classic has continued to capture the imaginations of  thousands of Great Smoky Mountains National Park visitors.


When Sara and her family visit the Smokies, Sara unwittingly stumbles upon a top secret annual party—the Salamander Ball. But what happens when she is discovered?  Learn more

The Troublesome Cub


Another national park favorite, The Troublesome Cub has taught kids the importance of not feeding the bears our leftover burgers and chocolate eclairs. Learn more

Wee Ones


Winner, National Park Service Excellence in Interpretive Media Award


See how human babies aren't so different from animal babies in this board book produced for Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Learn more

Fast Friends


Winner, Dr. Seuss Picture Book Award


The book that started it all. A cow and a chameleon begin an unlikely friendship. Learn more

Other works


A sampling of other writings I've illustrated. Learn more